WORLDWIDE LIST OF 10 METER PROPAGATION BEACON Including NCDXF/IARU IBP - 248 Beacon updated daily/weekly - The closest: IK1HXM 24 Km/14.9 mi ~ the furthest ZL6B 18909 Km/11749 mi Comments/Info are welcome at:

Latest Update: 02 December   2023 - H 15.30 utc December new entries:  The frequencies shown in this list may vary by 0.5/1 KHz from the actual ones.  Furthermore, they may not coincide with those reported by other lists. My very basic old style receiving station is located at JN44jt Low Piedmont, Italy at 170m asl Antennas: Outdoor 1/4 wave 3 pcs collapsible/portable or 1/2 wave vertical "fishin-tenna" or 8.82m longwire 4m agl. Indoor 8.82m longwire and 10m dipole, both are installed in the attic.  Radio: Tecsun PL-880 + Grundig YB400  (spare receiver) 100% live listening only, no recording, no SDR, no Kiwi, no PC/Laptop, etc... Only a Smartphone to connect the WEB. You can contact me at:  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28105   IK1HXM/B - Ovada (AL) ITA JN44hp - (06 Aug 2023) - Note: ID + gr